A simple way to manage SaaS licenses used by your team.

MonthlyBillz platform helps consolidate, track, and optimize subscription licenses used by your team. Empowered by smart automations, don't let a single license go wasted.

** Private Beta program enrollment (free) open now

Who is it for?

Modern tech businesses that heavily leverage SaaS subscriptions to grow.

Finance Manager

Need better tracking of 100s of SaaS subscriptions purchased by departments. Want an effective system to detect unused licenses and save money for business.

IT Admin

Need an easier way to manage licenses, and stop juggling with spreadsheets and ad hoc approval workflows. Overwhelmed with manual efforts to add/remove user licenses.

Clarity on your business subscription spend.

Seamless collaboration between Finance, IT and users on subscription data.

Consolidate licenses and usage information

Consolidate all subscription licenses and usage information in one place. Built ground-up for the digital workforce and remote teams.

Add subscription details
Organize by spend categories
Add users and map to licenses

Control SaaS spending

View upcoming license payments, and plan your finances. Stay in control of your licenses spend.

Payment calendar
Spend charts
Global currency conversions
License renewal reminders

Dynamic businesses need lean SaaS management.

One Slack app that ties all Saas Management activities in a box.

Slack App - for easy SaaS management

Connect MonthlyBillz to your Slack workspace in 2 minutes. Seamlessly manage licenses used by your team, add/remove users in a single click, directly from Slack.

Auto sync users from Slack
Track license usage
Off board users
One-click user provisioning

Automate usage tracking with Slack bot

Watch Monthlybillz Slack bot take over license management. It automatically runs license audits and helps you reclaim unused licenses.

Bot-driven license usage audits
Track user off boarding
View savings on dashboard
Reduce Compliance Risks

Awesome Slack-based ticketing system.

Seamlessly approve access requests, and provision licenses - without leaving Slack.

Power to users - self-service within Slack

Save license administration time. Enable users to view licenses, get license requests approved - all within your Slack workspace.

View license availability
Request license access
View approval status

Managing SaaS licenses should not be that hard.

Explore how you can save 20% or more in SaaS license costs for your business.

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