A simple way to manage software licenses used by your team.

Don't let a single license go wasted. MonthlyBillz web app helps consolidate, track, and optimize subscription licenses usage. Smart automations will do the heavy-lifting for you.

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Who is it for?

Startup Founders

..who are constantly trying out different tools to grow their business and need a reliable way to track all their SaaS subscriptions

Digital Marketers

.. who juggle with a lot of marketing tools for freelance/agency work and want to manage their paid subscriptions efficiently

Small Business Owner

... who are highly cost conscious and do not like to waste a single dollar on unused subscriptions

One Powerful Dashboard

Only tool you will ever need to track your subscriptions

What you get when you sign up for MonthlyBillz...

Easily capture subscription details

Our 'Chrome Extension' makes is absolutely easy to capture subscription details while you are visiting your subscription webpages in browser. You can manually add them too.

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Review before payments

Receive timely payment reminders in your mailbox, so that you never forget to cancel subscriptions you no longer use. Catch it before the charge hits your credit card.

Detect redundant subscriptions

Custom, colour-coded tagging of your subscriptions help to spot redundant items. Cancel the ones you don't need and save money.

All the data

Get a single 'Monthly spend' metric view

Subscription purchased in multiple currencies, at varying payment frequencies are all automatically handled. Get that one consolidated 'Monthly spend amount' you have always been looking for.

Forecast upcoming payments

Use the 'Spend Forecast' graph to smartly plan your subscription spending for upcoming month, and all the way upto to a year.

Data Report

Quickly reconcile with credit card statement

No more confused staring at your credit card bill. Your 'Monthly Calendar' and 'Virtual MonthlyBillz Statement' will exactly tell you what charges to expect in any given time period.

Consolidate spend tracking

Bonus in-app utilities like 'Notes' and 'Custom reminders' for trial subscriptions totally ensure that MonthlyBillz is all you need to track everything from one place.


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